Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

Ekobius contact information

Ekobius international cooperative association (eica)

international contact information

Ekobius Internationalis a non-profit independent Venezuelan cooperative association and intentional ecological community (ecovillage) located in the municipality of Atures, in Amazonas state, in the country of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

To contact our eco-social intentional community, our socioeconomic cooperative enterprise staffed and operated by our residents, or to reach one of our resident employees please use the following details.

Oficina Principal de la Cooperativa

Asociación Cooperativa Ekobius Internacional
Esquina Pepe Alemán
Parroquia San Juan
Municipio Libertador
Caracas, DC, 1020
Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Teléfono: (+58) 212-516-0361

Ecoaldea, Finca, Posada, Escuela, y Comunidad

Fundo Ekobius
Vía Gavilán Kilometre 24
Eje Sur-Este Puerto Ayacucho
Municipio Atures
Ekobius, Amazonas, 7101
Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Celular: (+58) 424-174-8873

International Membership & Development Office

Ekobius International Cooperative Association
c/o Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation
Attention: Maya-Lís Wright, Registered Agent
302 General Smith Drive
Richmond, Kentucky 40475
United States of America

Phone: (+01) 859-358-0568

Hours of Operation

Office hours are by appointment only. Normal correspondence, communications, and legal service by mail should be directed to the registered agent. Urgent correspondence by overnight mail should be sent care of 'general delivery' must be accompanied by instructions in Spanish to notify us with an SMS alert upon delivery through FedEx or DHL at the airport in Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela.

Electronic Mail

To send electronic mail please use info (@)

Primary Contact Person

Col. David Wright is the founder of the Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation and he is one of several of the co-founders of the Ekobius International Cooperative Association, he lives in both Caracas and at Fundo Ekobius in Amazonas depending upon the moon. He serves both organizations as the executive director.

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