Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

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ecovillage • community • sustainability • nature • camping • backpacking • science • culture • permaculture • agroecology • ecotourism • voluntourism • alternative energy • canoeing • fishing • gardening • indigenous peoples • forest farming • medicinal plants • shamanism • hostel • bed & breakfast • hiking • arts & crafts • spiritualism • folklore • enlightenment

Recently this area has become of great special interest to corporations, mining companies, carbon bankers, and nations like England, the United States and other governments like the United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations because of its water resources, tree based living carbon banks, biodiversity, mineral resources, and now for ecotourism.

Our initiative involves the establishment of an east-west trail across the Guiana Shield in Venezuela from the Orinoco River to the Essequibo River and Guyana Border. The trail will stretch nearly 1000 kilometers and is crossed by a single road. At the other extreme where we established an outpost in 2010 where hikers can organize their equipment, stock up on supplies and meet English speaking Amerindian guides.

Ekobius is a new development in the ideology of the ecologically sustainable intentional community. Our community project involves the perpetual preservation of the unique fragile ecosystems found on the Guiana Shield and establishing forest or nature reserves. The inhabitants of our communities will serve as caretakers or stewards of these primeval ecologies.

For more about membership as an associate member, as a sponsor or to purchase a cooperative share please review our membership schedules and price scales at Ekobius Membership Information.

Otherwise please excuse the delay we are trying to develop a better more thorough informational website now.