Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

New Website, People, and Ideals meeting at the Crossroads

We are taking a new path in life...

Come live in the Northern Amazon!

Sustainable Ecological Intentional Community (ecovillage) formation in the Amazon

Come to visit or join us at our new permanent settlement site, its the last foundation (Fundo) near the end of the furthest road in the foothills of the Guiana highlands in the northernmost reaches of the Amazon.

Special Notice: Update - Our website is now under the professional development of our parent organizations Globcal International and Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation. To contact us directly just use any one of the principle avenues like Facebook messaging or email. You can also make contact through our partnership and listing organizations presented in the right side of this page. Our site is in the Amazon and off-grid until we have a vSat installed, currently the government will not allow indigenous people to access high-speed internet.

Creating a Neo-Human Eco-Culture

Our project's goal is to become an idyllic demonstration community and extreme model for other ecovillages. We like to think that our effort is different because of the special exceptions and treaties we have developed with our neighbors, the government and international organizations to now develop and build a special hybrid experimental model of a hamlet, kin circle, agrarian, and indigenous community all rolled into one. 

All of those who join by December 31st will have their name on the permanent settlement marker as one of the founding eco-pioneers, owners and cooperators of our special village.

Several people have already joined as founders to advance our progress, others have arrived to collaborate their labors as regular members, we also have some volunteers who have stopped in to do a little work, in the end everyone here are the same and everyone is included because this is a true cooperative enterprise as much as it is a real community where our joint interests and ideals overcome all obstacles and differences.

What is Ekōbius?

An independent nonprofit sustainable cooperative community and socioeconomically productive cooperative located in the forested foothills of the Guiana Highlands on the Catañiapo River (part of the Orinoco River Watershed) of Northern South America in Venezuela. Our site is 108 acres, is approximately 20 miles (33 km) from Puerto Ayacucho in Amazonas, Venezuela.

We are seeking individuals and families that want to create the idyllic ecovillage using their education, practical experience, intuition, ideas, and dreams to build our utopia. Our focus as an intentional community is on attaining a completely integral and natural existence as a sustainable ecological self-sufficient village based on shared values in the commonwealth principles of liberty, equity, justice, peace, knowledge and abundance.

As a cooperative we are legally constituted business enterprise that is legally registered with the Venezuelan government as a nonprofit association "to cultivate medicinal, aromatic and spice plants." But that does not mean we are limited to just growing herbs. As a cooperative with property and the rights of a legally constituted body politic we can build a village, establish other businesses, open a school, and even participate in the state assembly by selecting a delegated representative.

The community in formation now is simply the spontaneous evolutionary result of people with a wide-range of commonly held interests that we have identified as the foundational cornerstones (listed) of the new development. (See philosophies and interests right menu)

Anyone can visit ekōbius while we are in formation, developing, and under construction. Don't expect too much though, after-all, we are just getting started. We do request that if you plan to join us that you find out more about our ideals, philosophies, and become a member first.

Being a member of our cooperative eliminates many legal loopholes relative to insurance, visas, and waivers other legal requirements of treating you as a visitor. It also allows us to guarantee the privacy of confidential information between the cooperative and yourself through the natural establishment of our special co-member relationship. Members can join for as little as $10 as 'friends of ekōbius.'

Unique Ecovillage and Worker's Cooperative Opportunity

Our general purpose idea and immediate goal is to experimentally integrate our intentional community with the surrounding natural ecosystem as a open-source demonstration project with a natural heritage educational center where others can come to participate in workshops and courses to learn about the techniques and methods to reproduce our sustainable lifestyle (which we shall evolve communally).

In actuality our current initiative (now project under construction) has experience and is now a v2 project, second generation because we worked out the bugs and ironed out the kinks relative to our horizons, desires and destinies.

The original concept and initial effort was to create a community remotely located in the middle of the Amazon Highlands, 100 kilometers away from roads and towns, but the level of difficulty, danger and diligence to coordinate a voluntary motivated group large enough and well-trained enough to take on such a project proved impossible to manifest based on its romantic value alone.

The planning and execution of the establishment of the foundation for ekōbius is the work of 50 year old, Col. David Wright, well-known North American conservationist and environmental advocate living in Venezuela since 2001 during the social reform of the Bolivarian Revolution.

From 2006-2012 the project attracted 21 participants from 12 countries over the 5 years who came to Venezuela to participate in hikes and expeditions as economads exploring different parts of the Guiana Shield resulting in the establishment of a permanent outpost which is a 3 day walk into Guyana near the Venezuelan border.

Jaguars, snakes, deep forests, raging rivers, biting insects, ample food, and safety were all major concerns presented by first time participants, to effectively address those concerns among those originally interested in becoming part of the idea we used to create the initiative in the first place much more preparation was in order: a training camp would first need to be developed; participants would need to live together and like each other well enough to set off on the adventure; logistically teams of porters and guides would need to blaze the trail; some wanted to bring along a medical doctor, and the list goes on.

To incorporate all the concerns a budget of over 700 thousand dollars would need to be raised and we would need weekly helicopter delivery of food for the first 4 months with the original plan and the modern necessities of our guests. Way too much.

The dream we shared is not dead though, today we are systematically by virtue covering all the bases brought up and instituted by the these first pioneers.

Brand New Open-Source Sustainable Ecovillage Opportunity

Our sustainable community development plan and cooperative involves members working with ecotourism, organic farming, agroecology, permaculture, non-wood forest products, local education, indigenous peoples, native wildlife, arts and crafts and much more.

We call ourselves open-source because we utilize technology, techniques, methods, and ways developed globally that have been identified as sustainable and practical for our purposes and uses. Our findings and final results through implementation are then available on-line.

Listed in the IC Directory, Gen, and Social

You can now find newly updated descriptions of our project since we have acquired the property.

What makes us different from other ecovillages?

We are the only ecovillage and non-indigenous cooperative effort that is sovereign compelled only by law to voluntarily live under the governance of indigenous reservation communities, and special laws involving ecotourism, cooperatives and of course the natural laws mandated by mother earth.