Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

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Individual spirits roaming free on planet earth. Come clean, become green, visit ekōbius today. We are beginning again where our world began. The first place on earth may also be the last place on earth, its never been tamed and thanks to our new protection and conservation projects it never will be tamed. So if you like it wild here we are, join us now at ekōbius international.

It's obvious mankind has made lots of serious mistakes resulting in war, hunger, poverty, racism, pollution, species extinction, drug addiction, overeating, disease, mental illness, sexism, slavery, scarcity and much more, these problems have become epidemic and there are few people who even choose to challenge them. All of these problems can be resolved by leaving them behind and blocking them out of your life consciously, but as long as you are surrounded by them we are ultimately forced to face them far too frequently to be able to erase them from our lives.

People have even created accepted global industries that capitalize on these illnesses and general mass disorder through pornography, video games, action films, and other shady business that provoke further pain, suffering, injustices, uncontrollable desires, crime and death that further create even deeper divides among us all on this planet as human beings.

Many people challenge these problems through faith based religions and the establishment of political parties often to better their lives through the improvement of their moral condition resulting in idealisms that repeat the problem through authoritative power structures and false power through collective ignorance of the objective reality.

So we have decided to perform an experiment by closing the lid on Pandora's box to reject all the failed manmade systems we have created and respectfully treat those we recognize as unfair but inevitably depend upon with extreme caution because after all we ourselves were born within them, we came from them, and ultimately will need continue to depend upon as long as the great civilization continues and until we can become comfortably independent by adopting new proven methods based on simplicity, nature, sustainability, and ecological integrity.

Superiority and survival may just be to individually and collectively use our intuition based in our ultimate reality, where we began in nature and by applying the philosophy of a multitude of generations past.  

Our concept rejects all known religious, government, political, capitalist, nationalist, and military ideals that dominate humanity because of their authoritative inequality and power structures; program participants are asked to leave behind much of what they spent most of their lives learning, studying and adopting in school, church, on television and in the mainstream media to begin again and consciously apply the shared common values that unite our ideal. We have seen through history where people have killed others and have sacrificed their own lives to aggressively offend these ideals to dominate the world in vain, at ekōbius we are trying to turn that all around by starting over. Our precept is to consciously base our existence on our collective undefiled knowledge instead of our blind ignorance to achieve Zen.

At ekōbius we embrace our truly objective reality in the natural world, our logic and knowledge to do what we know is right. All of the knowledge and lessons proven to us to make ourselves one with the natural world through following indigenous best practices and our own intuition rather than our general desires to overcome the natural world through its domination. The more we know about nature and ecology the more we can protect and nurture it to develop a mutually beneficial consciousness and conduct for future generations.

Harmony for us is based on equality and balance and in the case of humanity it is a trade-off relationship involving giving as much as we take.

Ekobius is Multi-Purpose Environmental Educational Facility, Ecovillage, Campground, Survival Training and Natural History Center

The Ekobius International Cooperative Association began its official residence at its new property in Amazonas, Venezuela in May 2013, now on June 21st we finalized our terms of occupancy with the former owner and the state and have changed the name of the ranch from Jireh to Ekobius. Additionally we established the objective of becoming recognized as an independent ecovillage with a recognized community council in the municipality.

News: The first seasonal residents arrived on June 22 one from Argentina, one from Colombia, one from Venezuela's Margarita Island, on the 23rd eight additional travellers arrived for a one week stay. Now in July, about a dozen more residents, visitors and volunteers are scheduled to arrive who will work the land, plant seeds, construct new shelters, as they become the first ecological pioneers of our new world view and a new ecological way of life free of political, religious, governmental and military influence.

To become one of the ekōbius ecopioneers all you have to do is be prepared to leave behind your present life, leave behind your car, leave behind your bills, the supermarket, and big brother.

We are located on the Guiana Shield, in the foothills of the Guiana highlands, in Venezuela's Northern Amazon. The last property going east from Puerto Ayacucho on via Gavilan, on the right near kilometer marker 24. Our backyard is approximately 500,000 square kilometers of pristine wildness area bordered by the more wilderness and rainforests of Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and Colombia.

Based on the utopian vision of founder David J. Wright, American Conservationist

Ecology Crossroads (founded in Kentucky in 1994).

is defining the initial horizons, views and ideals following five years of research and relationship development development with local, national and international communities and organizations relative in and to the immediate area in Amazonas, Venezuela. Currently Wright is living at the site and inviting the participation of new members want to join him and 8 other members to come help further develop these objectives and define others.

Potential and Practical Uses of Fundo Ekobius, Amazonas, Venezuela

Project Initiatives Under Development, Design and Implementation

Existing Facility, Incomplete Projects and Ecological Access

Ekobius is Now Listed Online using Social and Network Media

Our property at the time of purchase included a 4 room cabin and a 3 room community kitchen, to make our project immediately productive we listed it as a bed and breakfast, hostel and campground online.

Additionally the property is listed in various directories, social media websites, and on classified ad websites.

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Concepts in Development

ecovillage • community • sustainability • nature • camping • backpacking • science • culture • permaculture • agroecology • ecotourism • voluntourism • alternative energy • canoeing • fishing • gardening • indigenous peoples • forest farming • medicinal plants • shamanism • hostel • bed & breakfast • hiking • arts & crafts • spiritualism • folklore • enlightenment

Recently this area has become of great special interest to corporations, mining companies, carbon bankers, and nations like England, the United States and other governments like the United Nations and Commonwealth of Nations because of its water resources, tree based living carbon banks, biodiversity, mineral resources, and now for ecotourism.

Our initiative involves the establishment of an east-west trail across the Guiana Shield in Venezuela from the Orinoco River to the Essequibo River and Guyana Border. The trail will stretch nearly 1000 kilometers and is crossed by a single road. At the other extreme where we established an outpost in 2010 where hikers can organize their equipment, stock up on supplies and meet English speaking Amerindian guides.

Ekobius is a new development in the ideology of the ecologically sustainable intentional community. Our community project involves the perpetual preservation of the unique fragile ecosystems found on the Guiana Shield and establishing forest or nature reserves. The inhabitants of our communities will serve as caretakers or stewards of these primeval ecologies.

For more about membership as an associate member, as a sponsor or to purchase a cooperative share please review our membership schedules and price scales at Ekobius Membership Information.

Otherwise please excuse the delay we are trying to develop a better more thorough informational website now.