Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

ekōbius participation

qualified and voluntary participation

we are equal to one and another

Participation is qualification based and voluntary. The development of the organization is based on principles and ideas not generally acceptable in the world in general because of inequality and different value systems.

To participate and become a part of ekōbius is to agree to its value systems, philosophies and ideas. We are a consensus based intentional community, we are not equal to others in the world because our values a different, but we certainly have the same rights and is why and how we are allowed to be different and in at least our opinion better than others based on the special values that we share.

Our entire project is operated on a democratic basis of one vote per one person.

As in all communities and social systems in history there are certain norms that manifest through nature. These natural laws are essential to have a society or any other type of community group, they are not governmental, they are not religious, they are not corrupt and they do not restrict freedom; these natural laws do create order, limit chaos, maintain respect and generally manifest social civility. Things like age, experience, education, integrity, and wisdom are naturally defining conditions in social development.

To engineer our community initially we voluntarily have associated with each other under a defined a formula* to essentially form our foundation in the form of a constitution and charter to further qualify and receive patent under treaty with our neighbors**. The results of our actions together will establish a formative culture of which we are already part based on how and what we think, like, feel and want to experience, its essences and adoption is an extension of our intent, movement and liberation.

* formula is based on adopting concepts that comply with the ideals of the charter in compliance with international law
** neighbors refers to all beings (people, animals, plants) international, national, local governments, indigenous tribes, religious groups, clubs, associations, and individual neighbors.

To participate in the community you must be informed and educated well enough realtive to the subject matter of our association to engage in discussions with others that understand and already agree with the precepts that have united us in order to be here in this special place as we ascend our very own objective realities and consciousness. To become educated you are responsible for understanding the collective sum of the concepts which are uniting us.

Our very existence at this location in Amazonas, Venezuela is in itself a very special diplomatic exception to existing national and local laws to protect our international human rights and natural rights to be free thinkers, revolutionaries, social protagonists, and different from the rest of the world under under treaty. Our responsibility is to keep with our pact to exist on this property with total respect for local laws relative to the ecological preservation and natural integrity of the lands within the watershed of the community.