Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

ekōbius purposes

cooperative and communal purposes

ekōbius is a community and a cooperative

Ekobius is both a community and a cooperative. Together they work hand in hand because the cooperative owns the land where the it operates and works from but also the members of the cooperative (many of them) are also the owners of the property, community, village or whatever you want to call it.

All of the people that live at ekōbius are not necessarily cooperative owners some are guests, visitors, neighbors, friends, travellers, and employees.

All people who come are obliged to conform to all of our common principles relative to our voluntary ecological community (ecovillage) existence.

workers cooperative

We established our cooperative with the idea in mind to create a program that creates benefit for its members and the members of the extended community in which it operates and performs its socioproductive activity. Our effort is moreover intentional because it was planned and developed over several years to fill a niche as if it were its own species.

We established the cooperative with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela based on our development in Amazonas to "cultivate medicinal, aromatic and spice plants." This includes everything that comes with it including propagation, harvesting, processing, packaging, marketing, etcetera. However as with cooperatives we also need to be a socially responsible member of the national and international community so we have a further obligation to share our ideal, so we are incorporating that itself into our business plan and development of our group.

intentional community

When we started our community was our original purpose, but we could not charter our idea based on the establishment of a community based on internationality because the ideal is contrary the purposes of forming a cooperative and too exclusive. Further it was not compatible with our international concept based on the area we wanted to settle. Our answer was to develop a project that required our presence to form the community as a natural result of the presence of the cooperative.

Our actions make the "community a secondary natural evolution of our union to work and produce in the cooperative." Its is hard to imagine a more intentionally formed community than one that forms as a result of a cooperative that has a functional commonplace demand among its inhabitants, its neighbors and the general public.

As an community that we would envision ideally we have a long way to go, but we are off to a much better start than we were when we tried to form the ideal way of life as the root of the idea. Now with the commonly defined goals and belief systems we can see the horizon and the light of the universe.