Topographic map showing the way to and from our little town of Puerto Ayacucho.

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To be competitive and keep up with the neighbors we are (trying to use) using the social media, classified ads, databases, and keep our project up-to-date with a great number of sites and providers of web based information technology services. Our project is additionally listed in various directories, social media websites, and on classified ad websites in a general fashion.

Discover some of our memberships and network affiliations in the links here.


Blogger - We use Blogger (Blogspot) for blogging our information using the original Blog website. Our plans are to use the blog to publish current articles and our own news releases. Information published on blogger is to be used as a supplement and includes articles and information about other projects and initiatives with similar goals.

Google Plus!

Google+ - All of our team and many friends use Google+ in combination with all of the other Google open-sourced projects like Google Drive, Calendar and more.


Facebook - No publicly accountable existence would be complete without being on Facebook and giving people personal access to the officers and staff there, well David the founder at least and a few others. Some of us others just like email.


Twitter - Where would we be without Twitter. A tweet here a tweet there just to let everyone know we are alive in the Amazon.


Idealist is a new site to us that we were exploring and now using because they offer verified and confirmed participation and have a staff that honestly cares who is on their website doing what, moreover they are glad to help especially if good alliances and relationships are developed.

Global Ecovillage Network GEN

GEN or the Global Ecovillage Network is the village sourcebook and directory promoting the ideas of sustainable living and ecovillages. All the world problems would be solved if we all lived in ecovillages.

Fellowship for Intentional Communities - The Fellowship for Intentional Communities has been the source of the inspiration and the continuation of the ideals behind the alternative living ideals since we first found them in 1985.

Go Abroad

GoAbroad is a website we registered with long ago and recently have updated out page there to better reflect lower cost opportunities. GoAbroad is the top site of its kind but to get good exposure you really need to advertise with them and collaborate their full service package, we like it though because it help us in SEO, but really with a name like ekōbius SEO has not been much worry.

Go Abroad Net HelpX Taking It Global
IndieGoGo Upriser GoFundMe
Devex IdeaMe Fractured Atlas
Causes LinkedIn WWOOF World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms:
Sustainable Cities Collective Eco Business Pando Sustainable Community
Orinoco Travel Green Map wikiHow Ekobius Link
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By David Wright, Author: Ekobius on Google+

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